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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dr. Thigpen's career encompasses clinical, administrative, and consultative roles in behavioral health, service delivery, employee assistance programs, performance improvement, and outcome management. She has been deemed as a charismatic, detail-oriented, and innovative achiever in the field and is distinguished in multiple behavioral health arenas including juvenile justice, child welfare, and mental health. Her work with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) offers additional expertise uniquely beneficial to her role. Dr. Thigpen's  passion, practical teaching, and personality provides purpose that embodies her interactive approach for phenomenal outcomes.


Dr. Thigpen’s expertise has provided her the opportunity to develop programs in São Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru. She has empowered women’s groups in Cape Town, South Africa.  As well as support local agencies with organizational development and CARF accreditation. Dr. Thigpen is able to customize your request to best meet the needs of your organization.


On a personal note, it is no surprise, with her international presence, that Dr. Thigpen enjoys traveling. When she is not working, she is most likely traveling or spending time with her beloved family and friends. Dr. Thigpen also has a love for dancing. She is often the first and last person on the dance floor. She takes the old saying “Dance like nobody’s watching” literally. In the event that she is not traveling or spending time with family and friends, you can find her working out in the nearest gym.


At a young age, it was evident that Dr. Kennette Thigpen was a motivating influence to whom friends and family were drawn and placed their trust in. She was never without a smile, and her positive and infectious spirit led her to a career path that fulfills the natural leader and inspiration within.